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Driver Escort



Rides To Medical Appointments
Local Or Out-Of-Town
Rides To Personal Errands
Shopping, Hair Appointments

What is Driver Escort Service?

Driver Escort Service is a year-round program designed to provide transportation and assistance to seniors and/or disabled persons attending local and out-of-town medical appointments and personal errands.

How is Driver Escort Service provided?

The service is provided through volunteer efforts. The volunteers give freely of their time. A nominal fee is charged to cover the cost of gas and automobile repairs. Fees are based on a round trip and are determined by distance.

What are the duties and responsibilities
of a Volunteer Driver?

As a Volunteer Driver, you are required to pick up the client at his/her home at a specified time, safely drive the client to his/her destination, assist the client in and out of the vehicle when required, as well as wait or return for the client at a pre-arranged time. You are also required to report any concerns to the Resource Coordinator.

What skills and qualifications do I need
to become a Volunteer Driver?

Volunteer drivers must have a valid Manitoba driver’s license, a good driving record and a reliable vehicle. They must also be friendly and helpful. Work experience with seniors is an asset.

How does Driver Escort Service affect
the Grandview Handi-Van Service?

Driver Escort Service, offered through the Grandview and District Community Resource Council Inc. works in conjunction with the Handi-Van Service. When the Handi-Van is not available to meet a client’s needs, the Resource Coordinator has a list of reliable, friendly volunteers ready to provide transportation. Rates charged for the Driver Escort Service coincide with Handi-Van rates.

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Things to Remember:

  • The route taken and the number of stops for errands should be negotiated prior to leaving the client's home. Individuals must be able to walk independently; however, canes, walkers and crutches would be acceptable.
  • Individuals must be able to get in and out of a vehicle with minimum assistance.
  • Volunteers can expect to be reimbursed at the conclusion of a ride unless the Resource Coordinator has approved other arrangements.
  • Clients are responsible for all parking costs.
  • Any concerns Volunteer Drivers may have are to be reported to the Resource Coordinator as soon as possible.
  • Rates charged are to coincide with the Handi-van rates.