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Many older people experience feelings of loneliness and isolation as a result of separation from friends and family, the loss of a loved one, poor health or a recent move and it is often difficult to meet new friends or re-establish contact with old ones. Friendly visiting reaches out to these individuals with companionship and support. Volunteers visit on a regular basis to share an activity or have a friendly chat. Once it is determined that a senior can benefit from the service, your Resource Council Coordinator will recruit and match a suitable volunteer. An introductory meeting will be arranged and both parties will decide upon future contacts.


What do Friendly Visitors Do?

Friendly Visitors provide supportive friendship to lonely or shut-in seniors through regular visits or phone calls. Typical activities include conversation, reminiscing, reading aloud, sharing a hobby, playing board/card games and outings. Friendly Visitors must respect the confidentiality of the client and report any concerns regarding the client to the Resource Coordinator. Assisting with household chores, daily living activities and provision of escort service/transportation are beyond the scope of friendly visiting.


What skills do I need to become a Friendly Visitor?

Friendly Visitors must be good listeners, have a friendly, non-judgmental attitude and have the ability to communicate with others on a one to one basis.

How are matches made?

The Grandview _ District Community Resource Council responds to calls from seniors, families, other agencies and the community at large. Once it is determined that a senior can benefit from the service, a suitable volunteer is recruited and a match is made. Factors considered when making a match include common interests and previous work experiences, compatibility, personal preferences and social and ethnic backgrounds, Once a match is made, a meeting is arranged between the volunteer and the senior. Both parties decide upon the future contacts. The Community Resource Council office will contact volunteers and seniors to ensure that everything is going smoothly.

What happens if matches do not work out?

When this happens, both the volunteer and the senior may choose to be re-matched.

Tips for Friendly Visitors:

Accept the person where he/she is at right now. Don’t express any judgments.

  • Be an active listener. Show you are interested.
  • Don’t be nosey but do ask questions. People love to talk about themselves.
  • Make the person being visited your first priority. Don’t be hurried.
  • Share some of your experiences when the person is ready to hear about someone else.
  • Don’t be afraid to offer a different opinion. Your honesty will be tested.
  • Remind the person that you volunteer your time because you care and enjoy their company.
  • Establish trust by respecting confidence and not discussing their situation with other people.

Becoming a Friendly Visitor

When you volunteer, you put your skills and experience to good use and give back to society. By giving as little as one hour per week of your time, you can expand your personal network and feel good about helping to brighten someone’s day.



What is Handy Helper Service?

Handy Helper Service is a year-round program designed to aid seniors and the disabled in finding fee-for service workers to assist with home and yard maintenance and odd jobs. Tasks may include housecleaning, laundry, lawn mowing and other yard work, snow removal or home repairs. If you have an odd job that needs doing, the Resource Council has a list of reliable people willing to assist with these tasks for reasonable fees.

To access the Handy Helper Service, contact the Resource Coordinator who will make contact with the appropriate worker for the job. Workers will then meet with the client to preview the job and arrange a day and time to do the job. Following completion of the task, the worker will complete and have the senior sign an Action Slip. If repeat work is requested, the worker will arrange a day and time with the client and inform the Resource Coordinator.

Examples of Services Offered:


  • mowing lawns and trimmings
  • hedge and tree trimming
  • garden tilling and maintenance
  • planting shrubs and flowers
  • raking grass and leaves
  • eavestrough cleaning
  • snow removal


  • dusting
  • vacuuming
  • dishes
  • sweeping/washing floors
  • cleaning bathrooms
  • washing windows
  • washing walls
  • cleaning cupboards, fridge, etc
  • laundry
  • removing draperies for cleaning

Odd Jobs

  • repair and/or install railings
  • installation of locks on doors
  • weather stripping and caulking
  • minor adjustment of doors
  • repair/replacement of windows
  • painting
  • building fences
  • plumbing

Lawn Care Techniques for a Healthier Lawn

When it comes to lawn care in Calgary NW, there are so many factors that play a role. A long list of requirements in order to have a healthy lawn is necessary in many cases. From a weeded lawn to a disease filled lawn, the proper lawn care requirements are always available and If you choose to have a healthy green lawn and keep up with the Jones-es, this particular article can assist you with getting your lawn to the green healthy color that you most desire.

When it comes to a Calgary NW lawn that is filled with ugly weeds, this problem can be very uneasy on the eye. In many instances, instead of letting weeds continue to live in your lawn, many homeowners take the initiative to treat these weeds accordingly as treating weeds may not be as easy to deal with as one might expect. There are many types of weeds that grow, from broad leaf weeds to grassy weeds and each much get treated differently. Choosing the right weed control for particular types of weed is the right approach because if you do not have a broad leaf weed control for your broad leaves your broad leafs could still live after applying which can waste time and money. Grassy weed control does not kill broad leaf weeds and vice versa.

Before treating your lawn for weeds, please know which weeds that your yard holds. If you result in a professional or a sales associate you can tell him exactly what weeds are in your lawn and he will know exactly how to help you so that you do not waste "time and money". This will make it easy on everybody and also allow you to know which products to get for the next go around. The proper lawn care Calgary NW techniques will allow you to accomplish the healthy lawn that you expect and allow you to be intelligence the process.

The summertime is the time that diseases start to formulate in a lawn. The best way to a disease is to get to it before it gets out of control. Diseases can appear as a light green, blue or yellow spot in your lawn and as soon as you notice these discolorations in your lawn, please be aware that this could be a possible disease problem starting to grow. You will want to treat a disease at its early stages, so please attend to these spots as soon as possible. If you neglect to deal with these discolorations the disease will continue to spread throughout your lawn, making for a bigger problem.

Two of the biggest reasons why your lawn is not in its best health are because of weeds and diseases. Treating your weeds and diseases properly will bring you a step closer to a healthy lawn. Other factors play a role in adequately helping your lawn to a state of health such as: bug control, applying fertilizer and watering regularly. A healthy lawn can go a long way. Think about the amount of curb appeal that it adds!

What skills do I need to be a Handy Helper Service Worker?

Handy Helper Service Workers must be polite and considerate and be able to take direction and follow through without supervision. Experience in working with seniors and/or the general public is an asset.

Handy Helper Service Policies

Reliable And Efficient Workers Required

As a Handy Helper Service Worker, you are self-employed. However, you represent the Grandview _ District Community Resource Council Inc. Therefore, we require honest, reliable, punctual and efficient workers.

Regular Follow-ups Done

Follow-up calls are conducted with both the client and worker to ensure good service of the program.

Confidentiality and Respect

Anything you see at the client's home or that the client tells you is confidential and is not to go any further than that job. Any concerns regarding the client should be relayed to the Resource Coordinator immediately. Be responsible and respect the client's property and wishes.

Appropriate Dress

Dress neatly and appropriately for the job.


Amount of payment is predetermined by the client and fee-for-service provider.