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What is Handy Helper Service?

Handy Helper Service is a year-round program designed to aid seniors and the disabled in finding fee-for service workers to assist with home and yard maintenance and odd jobs. Tasks may include housecleaning, laundry, lawn mowing and other yard work, snow removal or home repairs. If you have an odd job that needs doing, the Resource Council has a list of reliable people willing to assist with these tasks for reasonable fees.

To access the Handy Helper Service, contact the Resource Coordinator who will make contact with the appropriate worker for the job. Workers will then meet with the client to preview the job and arrange a day and time to do the job. Following completion of the task, the worker will complete and have the senior sign an Action Slip. If repeat work is requested, the worker will arrange a day and time with the client and inform the Resource Coordinator.


Examples of Services Offered:


  • mowing lawns and trimmings
  • hedge and tree trimming
  • garden tilling and maintenance
  • planting shrubs and flowers
  • raking grass and leaves
  • eavestrough cleaning
  • snow removal


  • dusting
  • vacuuming
  • dishes
  • sweeping/washing floors
  • cleaning bathrooms
  • washing windows
  • washing walls
  • cleaning cupboards, fridge, etc
  • laundry
  • removing draperies for cleaning

Odd Jobs

  • repair and/or install railings
  • installation of locks on doors
  • weather stripping and caulking
  • minor adjustment of doors
  • repair/replacement of windows
  • painting
  • building fences
  • plumbing

What skills do I need to be a Handy Helper Service Worker?
Handy Helper Service Workers must be polite and considerate and be able to take direction and follow through without supervision. Experience in working with seniors and/or the general public is an asset.

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Handy Helper Service Policies

Reliable And Efficient Workers Required
As a Handy Helper Service Worker, you are self-employed. However, you represent the Grandview _ District Community Resource Council Inc. Therefore, we require honest, reliable, punctual and efficient workers.

Regular Follow-ups Done
Follow-up calls are conducted with both the client and worker to ensure good service of the program.

Confidentiality and Respect
Anything you see at the client's home or that the client tells you is confidential and is not to go any further than that job. Any concerns regarding the client should be relayed to the Resource Coordinator immediately. Be responsible and respect the client's property and wishes.

Appropriate Dress
Dress neatly and appropriately for the job.

Amount of payment is predetermined by the client and fee-for-service provider.