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Personal Response and Support Services
Enhancing Confidence and Independence


What is Lifeline?

Lifeline is an easy-to-use personal emergency response service that ensures that older adults living alone get quick assistance whenever it is needed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It gives subscribers the freedom to move around their home or yard with the confidence of knowing that if help is needed, Lifeline will call for it. The service is simple and effective. A Lifeline unit is connected to the subscriber's telephone line. When help is needed, just press the waterproof Personal Help Button worn as a pendant, wristband or clipped to clothing. Within seconds, a certified Lifeline monitor receives the call for help and immediately attempts to make voice contact with you. If assistance is required, Lifeline will contact one of your Responders nearby friends or relatives. In more serious situations, an ambulance will be dispatched.

Why do I need Lifeline?

Life is unpredictable. An unexpected fall or medical emergency could threaten your future health if help is delayed. Lifeline provides peace of mind for you and your family and enables you to live independently confidently in your own home.

Who benefits from Lifeline?

People who live alone or are concerned about their personal safety or security, those with on-going medical conditions, post-operative patients who want to maintain a link to medical assistance, disabled individuals and new mothers who may need to get help for their infant without leaving crib side can all benefit from the peace of mind Lifeline provides.

Lifeline What are the other features and benefits of Lifeline?

Lifeline’s Help signal can be received within 200 feet or more from the unit enabling the subscriber to move confidently outside his/her home.

Battery backup keeps the unit working, even with power failure.

Inactivity timer built in to the unit automatically calls the Response Centre if subscribers are unable to press their button.

Speakerphone built into the unit allows two-way voice communication. Routine telephone calls can now be answered simply by pushing the Personal Help Button.

Monthly Test Call to subscribers.

Adaptable transmitters for the disabled.

How much does Lifeline service cost?

There is a one time installation fee of $40.00 as well as a low monthly monitoring fee of $30.00. You are not required to buy any equipment or make a long-term commitment. You are billed quarterly.

Promoting Peace of Mind

Grandview subscribers and their families
praise the service-Testimonials

“All my children are far away from home, none of them in Manitoba; one in Halifax, one in North West Territories and two in Ontario. They feel more secure in knowing that I have Lifeline and they don’t need to worry about me because if I need help, Lifeline is there.”

“Lifeline has enabled our mother to continue living independently with the security of knowing help is only a press of her button away.”
-B.N.W _ L.M.B

I just want to let you know what a wonderful service the Lifeline provides. At first it was difficult to encourage my Mother to have the service, and now she would not be without it! The actual fees for install and setup are really affordable and the fees for service are also very reasonable. I can't place a $$$ value on someone's personal safety and peace of mind.

This service has actually kept my Mother safe with the knowledge that help is only a button push away, and has allowed her to stay in her own home with the knowledge that if she needs help it is there very quickly. This service has saved her life on numerous occasions - actually too many to mention. The peace of mind that it offers to my family can't even be described. I am contacted immediately when she needs assistance by the Lifeline call centre. On many occasions I knew she was on the way to the hospital before the hospital even knew she was arriving by ambulance. I travel all over Canada for my job and it is really comforting to know that no matter where I am geographically I will know if there is a family emergency within a few minutes of the event. So, thank-you to Lifeline for providing this wonderful service in a small rural community! The service connects the client with immediate emergency response and notifies the family and or friends on the contact list instantaneously that their loved one is in need, and actions are being taken to ensure the clients safety. Basically If in need of help 1. Push the button 2. Response is immediate over a speaker - someone talks to you 3. they assess the situation 4. they call the ambulance if needed 5. Or they call someone to come and assist you 6. They keep talking to you until arrival of medical personnel or a responder. 7.Tthey call the contact list until they reach someone. It doesn't get any better than that! My personal thanks to all who provide the service and man the phones at the call centre! What you do matters, and makes a difference in peoples lives.
Best Regards: Sandra McLaren

Grandview Lifeline is an independent program of Philips Lifeline Canada. If you would like more information about Philips Lifeline please visit www.lifeline.ca

To Subscribe to Lifeline Personal Response and Support Services

Drop in at the Grandview and District Community Resource Council
at 450 Main Street, Grandview, MB
Office hours are 9 to 12 AM and 1 to 4 PM Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Or contact the Lifeline Program Manager,
Connie Tanasichuk, by phone at 546-2085.

Grandview and District Lifeline
Box 235 Grandview, MB R0L 0Y0