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The Secret Friend Letter Writing program is a literature project with the Grade 6 students of the Grandview K-12 School and seniors. This program was initiated in 2006 and has been successful ever since. The student's responsibility is to write a letter to their senior once or twice a month. They are given class time to do this. They will write about their lives at home and at school and ask questions of the seniors to answer. The letters do not have to be lengthy, just a quick note or even a card was sufficient. The exciting part of the program was that the student knew who their senior was, but the senior didn't know who they were writing to. The students used an alias name. It is the responsibility of the Senior to respond to these letters. Students get practice in writing, plus gain knowledge of the history life of seniors' in the community. The senior also get information as to what the students are doing in school. In June, at the end of the school year, the seniors and the students meet each other. This is when the seniors meet their Secret Friend.

The year-end party is in conjunction with the Grade 5 Seniors are Cool Program.